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2023 exhibit preview:


November 26, 2022 through January 19th, 2023

  • 6th Annual Community Showcase 
February 2nd through March 18th, 2023
  • "Pencil and Paint" by Mike Gonzalez & Harley Davis
March 23rd through May 13th
  • "Creative Watercolors" by Chuck Michaels
May 18th through July 1st, 2023
  • "A Skewed View" Fiber Arts Showcase
July 13th through August 18th, 2023
  • "Feline Fantasy" Showcase
August 24th through September 2nd, 2023
  • "Loved Art" Fundraising Event
September 7th through October 14th, 2023
  • Don Sala Showcase
October 19th through November 18th, 2023
  • James Bowden Showcase
November 24th, 2023 through January 20th, 2024
  • 6th Annual Community Showcase
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