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Imagination Manipulation by Sabine Betschart


Sabine Betschart, a local artist who is hosting her debut show at Crete Creative this month, is excited to see and hear how viewers interpret her art and the stories that they imply.


Sabine grew up in Switzerland where she was was surrounded by tales of historic creatures that were unseen, but well known. Gnomes roamed the Forests and Fairy’s dance in the sunlight. The tale surrounding these unseen things are rooted deep in Swiss culture and continue to inspire Sabine.


According to Betschart, "My art, is inspired and fueled by my two young sons, they are at the center of my storytelling as art. They are young, vibrant, and filled with a desire for adventure. Each of them manifests my ability to travel along with them in a unique and imaginary world. My goal is to create a sense of believability within the images that I create – even if they seem fanciful. I want some part of the viewer’s heart to want to believe that the illusion they are seeing is real. If they believe in the image, then they will believe in the story that the picture is telling. 

Sabine Betschart's "Imagination Manipulation" ran June/July 2018.

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