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Love Art? Love to Teach?

Crete Creative Gallery & School is always on the hunt for artists who seek to foster a passion for the arts in our surrounding communities. If you have the time, talent, and drive to teach others, we welcome you to host your classes or workshops at our non-profit art gallery. We believe in accessibility, so credentials are wonderful, but not necessary to share the secrets of your trade - we are drawn to authentic artists who are committed to breaking down the stigma around art!

Instructors are responsible for planning their class goals, collecting the supplies they need, and setting their rate per ticket sold. A full PDF guideline of what information we need to begin organizing your class is provided below. Please download the PDF, complete it, and email it to our Classroom Committee at:


We will contact you ASAP to set up a meeting for further discussion.

***If you are applying to teach any children's, tween's, and/or teen's classes, we require a full background check and an in-person interview for all our applicants.***

If you have any questions about our programs, please send us an email:

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